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Bb's most frequently asked for service can help you to triage ailing plants, decide on how to approach a garden in a new space, or set up a caring regimen to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Via phone, skype, or in person, ask your toughest questions, request custom learning resources, and expect help to make sense of lots of information for better decisions. Consultation can help speed up the learning process and enable your expertise in just one conversation.


Do you have a perfect botanical paradise in mind, but are unsure of where to start? Or maybe you've just learned of the health benefits of living with plants and are looking for inspiration. Bb can help you to make green space in your life and heart.

Curation is a whole story experience with consultation, help to build your garden, and maintenance with care details.


Help with maintenance can make the difference between a botanical wonderland and having to start over each season. Bb makes house calls to private homes, local businesses, and other organizations to help your plants to thrive.


Are you with a group wanting to develop a specific skill? Check in with me about facilitating a workshop. Plant Rescue and Repotting are some of the most popular topics.

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