dandelion fritters

Step 1. Forage dandelions in non treated areas during the Spring and preferably during the morning hours.

Step 2. Let dandelions rinse or soak (depending on volume) in cool water with salt and lemon. Then, let dry as you would with any leafy vegetable.

Step 3. Prepare a pan with favourite oil (I use coconut) as you would for pancakes.

Step 4. Combine the following (for 60 - 70 dandelions):

- 1 cup of flour (I use .5 cups of cassava and .5 cups of coconut);

- 3 eggs;

- 1 cup of milk (I use full fat coconut milk);

- sweet or savoury spices and herbs of choice (like ceylon cinnamon with honey or chives with lemon zest); and

- some salt.

Step 5. Using some of the stem of each dandelion as a kind of handle, place dandelions petals down and proceed as if preparing mini pancakes.

Step 6. Share and enjoy! 

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