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  1. holy mountain herbal tea

    12 Nov 2019
    The ritual and love of tea is meaningful every day, but - as the temperature cools this winter - I become especially grateful for the stock of dried herbs that I’ve maintained from year-long foraging in the pacific northwest. Thanks to the abundance of edible wild plants near my home,…

  2. map the urban harvest

    07 Oct 2019
    A cherished friend (and partner to fellow foraging enthusiast) shared an incredibly useful Falling Fruit resource! I’m looking forward to participating in this initiative / community and hope that you will too.

  3. some of the best questions from new plant lovers

    21 Sep 2019
    1) Can my plant survive in a room with no light 2) How much water does my houseplant need? 3) When do I fertilize my houseplant? It can be helpful to think about how the common questions above are related. The best light, water, and fertilization care routines for your…

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